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What Did It Matter, 1886 What Did It Matter, 1886

The elder members of the Barney Tribe swim in Lake Erie. Of their costumes and activities, Henry Cooke posed the question, "What did it matter [if] C.D.B. [looked] like an escaped lunatic fresh from the asylum..."

Aunty Mac, 1892 Aunty Mac, 1892

Anna Pittenger McMeens stands beside Gibraltar's aquarium. The island's caretaker for many years, McMeens' husband was a Sandusky physician who died in the Civil War.

The Parlor, 1902 The Parlor, 1902

Two photographs show the appearance of th Castle's parlor at the turn of the century. In one, Carlotta Barney plays the piano for Sarah Butler while Catharine and Laura Hardng linger in the hallway...

Lovers, 1906 Lovers, 1906

Three Barney daughters and their spouses pose with the Castle in the background.

Helping Daddy, 1920 Helping Daddy

In all, five generations of the Cooke family enjoyed summers at Gibraltar before it was sold to Franz Theodore Stone in 1925. Here, Thomas Smith Kelly Jr. is assisted at the dock by his sons, Thomas Kelly Smith III and Rolland Hunter Kelly.